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Career progression

  • Trainee installer
  • Installer
  • Site supervisor
  • Cavity insulation installer


Common duties for an insulation worker include removing old materials and properly disposing of them. Usually, insulation workers put some type of padded lining in buildings or around heating and air conditioning units to improve the overall efficiency of the building. Someone in this position may also have to determine when plastic barriers are needed to protect the insulation from moisture.

As you write your insulation worker job description, think about the skills you want to see in a candidate. Dexterity, the ability to maintain coordination even when working in small spaces, is important for this type of work. You may also want to look for applicants with mechanical and math skills.

As teamwork is necessary for this position, good communication skills are key, as is the ability to follow instructions. Use our professional insulation worker job description template to get a better idea of the details you should include.

What is it like working in external wall insulation?

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